How to Check Access to Data Source in Cognos

    1. Login to the Cognos website
      • Use your Active Directory credentials.  The username is usually your email address without 
    2. If you can successfully login, click on Team Content in the left column.  Then look through the list of folders.  The following folders correspond to the data source you should have access. 
        • For EAH access, look for "Employee Activity Hub". 
        • For FinAH access, look for "Financial Analytics"
        • For RAH (Kuali) access, look for "Research Administration"
    3. Click on the one of the activity hub folders you have access from above, look for sub folder with the words "analytic package" in the name.  The data source you have access will be in the analytic package folder.
      • Here's an example for FinAH:

To request access to specific data source, submit a request via servicedesk (AD login required)

See more data resource request information on Blink: 

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