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Last Updated:  02.18.2020


Due to End-of-life OSs on Apple servers, in 2017 it was deemed necessary to migrate all server-based Filemaker databases from Apple to Windows servers.  Subsequently, due to security concerns and software incompatibility between older Filemaker software and newer Apple OSs, Filemaker licenses were upgraded from versions 11 and older to the most currently available version, which in early 2018 was version 16.   This document describes the Filemaker Server setup of the two MS Windows Server 16 Standard Servers used to replace the older Apple-based servers named Fumper (Fump) and Fumpy (Seabreeze).


Filemaker Console, Encryption, Developer Utilities, Sharing, 

SERVERS & DATABASES (overview only)

  1. OFFRAMP -  production server hosting live databases for the  following groups:

( limit of 125 dbs)   ( add links to GDocs of dBs )

BAS Aquarist

BAS Events

Forum Events

MSDS ( Main machine shop)

Sea Grant

Salary Recharges (all Divisions; including MPL)

  1. ROUNDABOUT - backup server hosting test and development databases. 

 ( limit of 125 dbs)

PROCEDURE to connect to Filemaker Console

  1. Connection to servers is accomplished via MS Remote Desktop and authentication is via 2-factor AD\sio-<username>.

  2. All Filemaker Server functions are server via the Filemaker Console which is accessed through a web browser at  http:<localhost>:16001

  3. Select “Start Admin Console” which will then ask for credentials which are stored in 1Password.

  4. The console allows for basic ‘Open’, ‘Close’, ‘Remove’, commands for databases, as well as information on active client connections, scheduled backups, logs, etc. .

PROCEDURE to prepare Databases for Production

  1. Manage Security:  all databases must have an ‘admin’ account with ‘Full’ privileges.  Users should have individual accounts with privileges matching level of use. 

  2. Encryption At Rest is desirable for most databases on servers.  ( Note: older database are archived on Scrippsadmin file server and are currently not encrypted )

  3. All credentials ought to be stored in 1Password.

  4. Check scheduled backups.

PROCEDURE to prepare DBs for Encryption At Rest

( must use Filemaker Pro Advanced w/ v16.  In v17 basic Pro client software is all Advanced )

  1. Under the “Tools” menu select “Developer Utilities…”.

  2. Select “Add…” button to add databases to encrypt and follow instructions.

  3. Project Folder must be selected.  

  4. Under “Solution Options” select “Enable Database Encryption . . . “ which will automatically also select “Create Error log for any processing errors”

  5. Use any Shared ID:   ( usually part of the db name )

  6. Use the admin credentials for FileMaker Account:

  7. Save Encryption Password:  in 1Password (follow prior conventions)

  8. Select “Create” button

PROCEDURE to prepare DBs for Sharing

  1. Under the “File” menu select “Sharing” -> “Upload to Filemaker Server”.

  2. If Server is not listed in any of the “Hosts:”  options then add it in the “Host Address:” field.  ( SSL Cert window may appear. Select “Connect” )

  3. The Admin Console name and password is in 1Password.

  4. In the “Upload to FileMaker Server” window, select destination folder via the “Change…” button.  (databases are organized into folders; don’t leave them at root level )

  5. Select “Browse…” button and navigate to databases which have been encrypted and are ready for use.  (select multiple if necessary)

  6. Select “Upload” button.  ( For encrypted databases they have to be manually opened one by one via the Console )

PROCEDURE to recover DBs and migration

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On...  ( all databases are backed up daily, as of 2018 at 11pm ).

  2. Both servers should have 1-week of backups.  In such case simply retrieve database from backup folder.  Backup folder path can be found via the Console, under ‘Schedules’, select the line item schedule and under the Name column look for ‘Backup Folder:’  ( You can open the file directly in this folder )

  3. To retrieve backups older than 1 week, obtain a copy from the Sys Admins.

  4. Since backups are previously encrypted follow instructions above:  “PROCEDURE to prepare DBs for Sharing”   ( NOTE: before uploading a backup file you need to remove from the current file from server - see “PROCEDURE to remove existing database file via FMP Console “ )

PROCEDURE to remove existing database file via FMP Console

  1. Remote into server.  e.g. RDP

  2. Log into FMP Console  (1Password)

  3. On left-hand side, under ‘Activity’ choose ‘Databases’ tab and select database that needs to be removed.

  4. On top right-hand side, select ‘folder’ icon and select ‘Close’.

  5. On top right-hand side,  select ‘trash’ icon and select ‘Remove’.

PROCEDURE to open existing database file via FMP Console

  1. Remote into server.  e.g. RDP

  2. Log into FMP Console  (1Password)

  3. On left-hand side, under ‘Activity’ choose ‘Databases’ tab and select database that needs to be opened.

  4. On top right-hand side, select ‘folder’ icon and select Open.

  5. If database was encrypted the password may have to be entered if it wasn’t previously saved when the database was last uploaded to the server.  (search 1Password)

PROCEDURE to install ODBC driver  (via Nate)

Multiple pieces to this fix:

  1. You need the correct "32bit" ODBC connector:

MySQL Connector/ODBC version 3.51.14


  1. You need to use the 32bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator:

Which is located in: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

(F*&K you MS!)

  1. Configure ODBC to talk to our MySQL database (

Add -> Select the MySQL 3.51.14 connector

Name: msds_jobs


Username: msds_all

Passwor: 1Password

Database: msds

  1. Configure it in FileMaker Database:

Edit -> Manage -> External DataSources

Select the marinara_msds_jobs

Then make sure the ODBC DSN is selected (the one you added above, msds_jobs)

Choose the Middle Option for Specify Username and Password:

Username: fmp_msds

Password: 1Password

  1. Give both FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Windows the Finger...


  • Some databases require MySQL drivers to communicate with SIO-IT databases.

  • Some databases require generation of Excel or PDF files, and processes may vary depending on client versions of OS or MS Office.

  • On the servers, Sophos has been known to interfere with proper functioning of the Console via the Web Browser.  (See Karin F.)

  • MSDS databases depend on an ODBC Connection to Marinara ( see details above *)

If Luis is not available use this document while consulting with SIO-IT Sys Admins.  Backups of all databases ought to be available on backup servers. For more recent (1 week) backups, all databases can be found on production server).   

If ‘offramp’ server is incapacitated use the ‘roundabout’ server. 

( Lastly, Filemaker has never been this stable so don’t complain )

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  1. FileMaker Server 16 Home

  1.  Using ODBC and JDBC with FileMaker Server

  1. Starting Admin Console

  1. Admin Console problems

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