How to manage your Scripps Research Profile

2019-10-08_14-37-54.gifThe new Scripps research profiles replace the Scripps Scholars system that offered basic websites for faculty members and other researchers at Scripps Oceanography.

For most users, all of the elements of their old profiles -- research interests, degrees, biographies, CVs, and publication lists -- will have been migrated seamlessly to their new profiles. The new system puts all that text into WordPress sites and uses your email prefix -- jsgee, sgiddings, rnorris, etc., -- to pull key information from other Scripps databases: Titles, contact information, research topics,  courses taught. 

Contact Information

To update your title, name preference, contact information, or research topics, please talk to the human resources representative in your division's business office or the SIO Dept. if you are a student.

Research topics are drawn from this list of 80 faculty-chosen terms and can be assigned to you by your business office through the Scripps People Database.


Each profile includes a list of peer-reviewed research articles dynamically pulled from a master EndNote database maintained by Scripps I.T. and updated regularly using reports from Web of Science.

Unlike the former Scripps Scholars lists, these lists cannot be directly updated by site owners, so we welcome and encourage you to email publication updates to 


The Classes page on your site will pull information on the UC San Diego courses you have taught over the past three years or are currently teaching.

What can I edit directly?

  • Research interests
  • Degrees
  • Biography page
  • Other pages you've created
  • Your photo

How do I edit my site?

mceclip0.pngEach site features a Login link that will take you to a page that will prompt you to "Login with Google." Click this button and log in with your Active Directory login and email.

Please contact Scripps I.T. at if you have any difficulties logging in.

The site will reload with an editing bar across the top.



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