Logging in to Scripps-hosted WordPress sites

The following log in options are provided:

UC San Diego Active Directory (AD) Account Holders
Your WordPress log in is connected to your AD credentials. These are the same credentials you use to access your UCSD email and the wireless network (among other services).

Collaborators from other institutions

Your WordPress log in is connected to the email you provide along with a password which is provided to you via an email notification.


Step 1

Browse to the log in URL. In most cases, there will be a log in link in the footer of the website.

If it’s not there, the log in will usually be at the root directory of the site, plus /wp-login.php.
For example, 

Once you’re at the log in page, you will be prompted with your choice of:

  1. a button for UCSD Single Sign-On
  2. a link to “use WordPress credentials.”


Step 2

If you choose the WordPress credentials option, the page will open a different set of username and password fields.

If you choose the UCSD Single Sign-On option, you will be redirected to a log in page requesting you sign on with your AD credentials.

Note that you will have to have already received an activation email from the website and clicked on the activation link. (You’ll then have received a confirmation email with a login link and randomly generated password.)




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