Automatic updates for Macs

Scripps IT update management software for Macs makes updating your computer easier and ensures that required security updates are installed as needed, protecting your computer from malware. 

The update management software on your computer will periodically check our update server to download any available updates in the background (such as updates from Apple for Safari, or apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash Player, etc.). 

Most updates will install automatically in the background without any action required, however if an update requires a restart (or if the app being updated is open), a window similar to the one below will appear (titled Managed Software Center). At your convenience, you can click Update All to install the updates, or you can close or minimize the window if you're not ready to install. This will appear once a day whenever there are pending updates. These updates have been approved by Scripps IT so they are safe to install. 

Alternately, you can just log out and leave the computer on (not sleeping) -- any pending updates will install automatically within 60 minutes after you log out.
Request us to install Update Management software on your Mac.


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