Re-enabling Quicktime in Firefox or Safari

  1. Make sure that you're using Safari or another browser that supports legacy web plug-ins.
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder from the menu bar in the Finder.
  3. Type /Library/Internet Plug-Ins in the search field, then click Go. The Internet Plug-Ins folder opens.
  4. While holding down the Command (⌘) key, double-click the Disabled Plug-Ins folder to open it in a new window.
  5. Drag these two files from the Disabled Plug-Ins folder to the Internet Plug-Ins folder:
    • QuickTime Plugin.plugin
    • nslQTScriptablePlugin.xpt
  6. If you're asked to authenticate, click Authenticate, then enter an administrator name and password.
  7. Quit your web browser, then open your browser again. You should now be able to play the media. 

To disable the legacy QuickTime 7 web-plug-in again, move both files back to the Disabled Plug-Ins folder.

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