Default Backup Settings


Scripps IT has made CrashPlan PROe backup software available to the SIO community for $100/year. Unlimited backups for laptops and desktops machines in Code42 Cloud Storage.

Our individual backup system is to ensure recovery of local data but should not be a substitution for the integrity that you will get by making use of our network storage offering.

Desktop and Laptop Systems:
User's home directory
  • /Users/username
  • C:\Documents and Settings\username (XP)
  • C:\Users\username (Vista/7)
  • /home/username
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Trash or Recycling Bin
  • VMware or Parallel Images
  • Downloads folder
  • IMAP email cache
  • Anything in a Temp Folder
  • Cache files
Retention Policy:
Changes to files are backed up every 30 minutes

Versions to be kept:
  • Last week = every 30 minutes
  • Last 90 days = every day
  • Last year = every week
  • Previous years = every month
Deleted files are removed after every 90 days.
Scripps IT utilizes Code42 Cloud backup storage in agreement with UC policy for remote colocation of data (Master Software Agreement), more information about Code42 cloud storage can be found here:
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