WiFi with UCSD-PROTECTED after changing password

After changing your UC San Diego Active Directory password, you may need to complete the following steps to regain access to the UCSD-PROTECTED WiFi.

  1. From the WiFi icon  in the menu bar, select "Turn WiFi off"  
  2. Click on the Spotlight spyglass  in the menu bar (upper right corner), and start typing "Keychain" in the search field that pops up. Click on Keychain Access                                              
  3. Use the search field in Keychain Access to look for UCSD-PROTECTED in your saved passwords. If found, hit the delete key to remove the old credentials. If it prompted for a password, use your computer login password.
  4. Search Keychain Access again for auth.ucsd.edu . Delete it if present.  
  5. Quit Keychain Access.
  6. From the WiFi icon  on the menu bar, select "Turn WiFi on"
  7. From the WiFi icon  on the menu bar, select "UCSD-PROTECTED"
  8. Enter your UC San Diego username (do not enter the @ucsd.edu part)
  9. Enter your new password.

For additional assistance, please call 858-534-8484 (x48484 on campus) or email siohelp@ucsd.edu

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