Printing for Windows Instructions

Instructions for Windows 7 and newer*

  1. In the Start menu, type in run, hit the enter/return key
  2. In the Run box, enter  \\ (if your computer is part of the UC San Diego Active Directory, skip step 3)


  3. When prompted to login, use ad\username (username is the first part of your official email address before the @, e.g., same password you use for UCSD email, if you are not certain which password to use, please visit to check it before proceeding here)
    Check the box for Remember my credentials.  Printer will not print unless you save your credentials!

  4. Once connected, window will show a list of printers, double click the printer corresponding to your location (e.g. Hubbs will be siohubbs4; refer to printer locations and names in your location).  


  5. (optional) Set the printer as default printer in Devices and Printers control panel.


* Repeat these steps for EACH user account on a Windows computer


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