Departmental Admin Voting App

The app allows creating votes, monitoring their progress (only who voted, not how they voted or the running totals), see the final results (but not how individuals voted), and update and re-open past votes.

Creating a vote

  • Open the page at your groups admin page (something similar to, it will look like this
  • If login is required, it uses campus Single-Sign-On Active Directory login
  • Click “Create New Vote”. There will be two pages to fill out
  • On first page, which will look like this:
    • “Name of vote” will be the name of the link that the faculty will see
    • Description is any text
    • Start date is when the vote will become active
    • End date is when the vote finishes
    • There are two types of vote options:
      • Yes/No/Abstain
        • Yes
        • No
        • Abstain
        • Abstain - CAP
      • Appraisal
        • Favorable
        • Favorable with reservation
        • Problematic
        • Unfavorable
    • Choose which employment codes are allowed to vote on this specific vote
    • Do not worry about file uploads yet
  • On the next page which will look like this (image has been partially blurred):
    • Choose the file for this vote. It has to be in PDF format for security reasons
    • Also choose individuals specifically not allowed to vote in this vote
    • In case they appear multiple times under different employment codes, choosing them at least once suffices
    • When finished, hit submit
  • This is all. The vote will appear for faculty on the opening date at the url

Review or Edit Pending Votes

  • Pending votes will appear as links under the Pending Votes text
  • They will launch themselves on their starting date
  • They can be edited in manner identical to creating new votes
  • When finished, hit Submit

View Results of a Finished Vote

  • Votes are listed in order with most recent at top, and will appear as so (image has been partially blurred):

  • Edit/Re-open allows changing of vote information
    • To re-open a vote change the date so that it ends at a future time
  • View Vote Page allows the admin to see what the vote would like from the view point of the voter (without allowing voting by accident)
  • The page behind the far right “View Results” link shows the actual vote totals and looks like so (image has been partially blurred):
    • At top it lists voting employment codes
    • It prints totals under Results
    • Underneath it has a list of people who didn’t vote, per employment code
    • And on very bottom it has an easy to copy list of all email addresses of non voters
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