Google Accounts Conflict

When you see this screen after logging in to Google, click Organizational Google Apps Account to login in to your UCSD Google account.  

Why do I have an account conflict?

Previously you had a personal Google account with which you used your as your username. Now UCSD took ownership of all the addresses.   You will use the address to login to the UCSD Google Apps.  

Another possible cause for the conflict is you may have used your address as a “secondary” email addresses with another Google Account.  Google uses the secondary email for password recovery and account verification. To resolve this conflict, you can change the secondary address to something other than your address.  

If you have an account conflict, and wish to retain the emails and Google docs in the personal Google account, you will need to create a new username for the personal account (e.g.  Click the Individual Google Account option, then follow the instructions to create a new gmail address. 

Why wasn’t I notified of the account conflict in advance?

 Google considers any account NOT created by an organization a personal account, and Google does not share information about your personal accounts. Therefore, even though some campus members previously used email addresses with Google, there was no way for Scripps IT to resolve the conflict prior to activating your UCSD Google account. If you have questions about how to resolve the conflict.  Please contact Scripps IT. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and intend to support our users to the best of our ability.

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