Sort Attachments in

  • In, go to the Mailbox menu and choose "New Smart Mailbox..."


  • Change the settings of your new Smart Mailbox to match the screenshot below
    • Smart Mailbox Name: Attachments
    • Change the criteria for the search from "From:" to "Contains attachments"
    • Also include Sent if you want to see attachments there
    • Click OK


  • Select your new Attachments Smart Mailbox on the left hand side column.
  • Where it says "Sort by Date" click on the down arrow and choose "Size"

    (or if you're viewing in Classic layout click on the Size column header to sort. If you don't see the Size column, add it from the View> Columns menu at the top of the screen)


  • Your attachments are now sorted largest on top to smallest on bottom. All messages in this mailbox have attachments associated with them.
  • You can go through and delete unneeded attachments
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