Printing From MAC OS 10.10 to 10.13

1.In Finder, click GoConnect to Server


2. In the Connect to Server window, enter in this address, click Connect.



3. When prompted to login, use active directory login (a.k.a. email login without the

Check the box for remember this password in my keychain


4. Browse to the building, double click on the printer that correspond to your location.  


5. Double click on the printer to start the install process.  Note:  printer with bw in the name prints to the same printer in black and white .  Add both printers to quickly switch between the color options when printing.  


6. If your computer doesn't already have the printer software, you may see the following prompts to install the necessary software.  This process takes a few minutes, do not disconnect from network or turn off computer.  


7. The install process is done when you see this message.  


8. Print a test page. If test page came out, then the printer is ready for use.  If the printer did not print your test page, continue below.

9. Go to System Preferences, Printers & Scanners, double click on the printer to open Printer Queue window.  If you see the test print job Held for Authentication.  Click the refresh icon.


10. Enter your AD login and check the save password box.  Click OK.07.save_password.png


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