How to Activate My UCSD Google Account

Login in to in a web browser. 

Enter your Active Directory username and password.  (if your forgot your AD password, you can reset it at

Click Activate



Scenario One:

Your Google Account has been activated. 

Now you can login to Google Drive or Google Calendar using your UCSD email address and AD password.  

(if you are also migrating your email to UCSD Google Mail, please contact to schedule a migration)



Scenario Two: 

"Your Google account is already activated. If you’re having trouble logging in, please contact your helpdesk."


Your UCSD Google account has previously been activated.  You can now login to Google services using your UCSD email address and AD password. In the rare cases your AD password does not let you login to Google.  Please reset your AD password at  



Scenario Three:

You don't have a google account


An account could not be automatically provisioned for your UCSD email address.  Please contact to resolve this conflict.  Possible causes of account conflicts: you currently use your UCSD email address to login to personal Google account; you currently use your UCSD email address as the backup email address for your personal Google account; you previously opted out of using UCSD Google. 


Scenario Four: 

"Incorrect user name or password"google-03.png


Make sure you are using the correct Active Directory login.  If you forgot your Active Directory password is.  Please reset it at  


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