Enroll your Mac for management by Scripps IT

Scripps IT uses Microsoft Endpoint Management software to provide security compliance for SIO Macs to help keep your computer safe. We ask that you enroll your Mac, so you can get access to needed apps and to ensure your computer meets minimum UCSD computer security requirements.


Enroll with Company Portal

1. Open Applications folder

  • Click on your desktop picture
  • Choose Go > Applications, from menu at top of screen


2. Open Company Portal app

  • In the Applications folder, find and open the Company Portal app

    If you get the following message, please contact siohelp@ucsd.edu, "You can't use this version of the application "Company Portal" with this version of macOS. You have macOS 10.12..."

  • If your computer is not under Scripps IT management, you can download the Company Portal installer here: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=853070

3. Sign-in to Company Portal

  • Choose Sign In, enter or select your UCSD email address, choose Next or Continue.
  • Enter password, choose Sign In and complete UC San Diego two-step Duo login.
    You may not be prompted to enter a password, so continue to step 4.   


3.cp-signin.png 4.intune-login.png


4. Follow these steps in the Company Portal:

During the following step, if you see the keychain prompt, enter the password you use to log into the computer, then choose Always Allow.  



  • Set up UC San Diego access, choose Begin
  • Review privacy information, choose Continue
  • Registering your Mac... may spin for a minuteIntune_Enrollment_3_Install_management_profile.png
  • Install management profile, choose Download Profile
  • A separate Profiles window appears, choose Install



  • This window may appear on certain versions of macOS, choose Continue
    If you don't see this window, continue on.



  • Choose Install, again for confirmation:
  • Enter the password you use to log into the computer (your user name is filled in automatically), then choose OK


  • Close the Profiles window, and return to the Company Portal app

  • You're all set!, choose DoneIntune_Enrollment_12_Done.png_.png

5. Enrollment completed

Your computer name is shown, with the status message:

"You need to update settings on this device. See status for details"

You can disregard this and "Not in compliance", as status will be updated once Scripps IT finishes the enrollment process.

  • Close the UC San Diego window and the Profiles window if still open.

READ THE FOLLOWING  about what happens the next time you log into the computer:

  • IMPORTANT  The computer may ask you to enable FileVault (disk encryption). Please allow this when it asks, and enter your computer login password if needed.

  • IMPORTANT  The login window will require you to enter your user name, whereas before it may have displayed an icon for your name, so make sure you know your user name.

    To check your user name for the computer, click on the desktop background picture, then choose Go> Home, from the menu at top of the screen. This will display your home folder, with your user name at the top of this window, next to the house icon.


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