Enroll your Mac for management by Scripps IT

Scripps IT uses Microsoft Endpoint Management software to provide security compliance for SIO Macs to help keep your computer safe. We ask that you enroll your Mac, so you can get access to needed apps and to ensure your computer meets minimum UCSD computer security requirements.

  1. Open the Applications folder (from menu at top of screen, choose Go > Applications)
  2.  Find the Company Portal app in the Applications folder
1.Finder-Applicaitons.png 2.apps.png

If this Company Portal app isn't already installed in the Applications folder, there are two ways to get the app. 

Option 1:   open the Managed Software Center app. Then find Company Portal in the Software tab, then click the Install button to install the app.


Option 2: If you computer doesn't have the Managed Software Center app in the Applications folder, Visit this web page http://aka.ms/EnrollMyMac to download the Company Portal.  From the Downloads folder on your computer, open download file to install.

3. In the Company Portal app, sign-in with your UCSD email address and password, and two-step login.   

3.cp-signin.png 4.intune-login.png

4. Follow these steps in the Company Portal to enroll your computer in the management system:

  • Set up UC San Diego access - choose BeginIntune_Enrollment_1_Begin.png
  • Review privacy information - choose ContinueIntune_Enrollment_2_Review_privacy_information.png
  • Registering your Mac screen will spin for a minuteIntune_Enrollment_3_Install_management_profile.png
  • Then click Download Profile
Intune_Enrollment_4_Install_management_profile_download_profile.png Intune_Enrollment_5_Install_management_profile_downloading.png
  • A separate Profiles window will pop up to inquire about installing a management profile, click Install, click Install again to confirm. 
Intune_Enrollment_6_System_Preferences_Profiles_Install.png Intune_Enrollment_8_System_Preferences_Profiles_Install.png_.png


  • In the window "Profiles/MDM wants to make changes", enter the password for computer login6.intune-computer_login.png
  •  Confirm device management - do EACH of the following steps, BEFORE you choose Continue
          1. Open System Preferences (click this button to open)
          2. Choose Approve when the Management Profile window appears
          3. Close the Profiles window
  • Go back to the Company Portal App, click Continue7.intune-2.png
  • Enrollment completed! - click DoneIntune_Enrollment_12_Done.png_.png
  • Followup with Scripps IT at siohelp@ucsd.edu to let us know you've enrolled your device, and provide your device name. You'll find your computer name in the Devices tab in the Company Portal app. (ignore "you need to update settings on this device"Intune_Enrollment_15_Company_Portal.png

  •  The management software will start applying the SIO security and configuration policies, for disk encryption, etc. to help keep your computer safe.  Note, you will be prompted to allow FileVault disk encryption enablement the next time you log into the computer.

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