Active Directory (AD) login

UC San Diego's Active Directory (AD) login is used for:

  • Exchange email
  • Cisco VPN
  • file server
  • UCSD Google domain
  • ...and anywhere else on that says you can log in with AD.

This means that when you change your AD password (at, it will affect access to those systems. Therefore you will have to update it on devices and password managers that have it saved, e.g., your browser's auto-fill function, mobile phone's email settings, or the Google calendar app.

Your AD credentials are NOT linked to your business systems login. While there is nothing preventing you from making those passwords the same manually (and we don't like to encourage that), changing the AD password does not affect those logins.

Annual Password Change

For several years now, the campus has been enforcing a yearly password change around October. A campus-wide notice is sent out in advance with instructions, directing you to look for more information on the Blink main page. The message deliberately does not include a link so that it is not mistaken as a phishing scam email.

Passwords that have been changed within six months of the deadline are not required to be changed. Accounts that are not changed by the deadline will be inaccessible, so if you know you will be traveling or at sea during that period it is vital to take care of this task prior to your departure.

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