WAMS Training--Add a User & Keyfob

  1. Plug WAVEID reader into Mac
  2. Open VMware
  3. Start Windows      
  4. Log in to Windows
  5. Click on one of the mouse icon to find RFIDeas. Click Connect
  6. Click OK
  7. Double-click on the Stanley Wi-Q Access Manager icon on the desktop (aka WAMS)
  8. Enter your username and password for WAMS and click Login
  9. Go to the Users Tab
  10. Click Add
  11. Enter the User's first and last name
  12. Highlight Credentials
  13. Click on the ... to the right of Credentials
  14. In this window we will add the key fob reader (as "Proximity Card" credential type) and remove the Keypad (default, shown).
  15. Click Add
  16. Choose Proximity Card for the Credential Type and then click Finish
  17. Ensure that USB Card Reader is selected and click Scan
  18. Place the keyfob on the WAVEID reader. It will beep
  19. The credential number will appear in the field and then click Finish
  20. Now we will delete the Keypad credential, as it is unnecessary. Highlight the Keypad credential and click Delete
  21. Click Yes to delete the Keypad credential
  22. Click OK to close the credential setup window
  23. Click the flashing Update button to create the user
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