Printing stopped working after I changed my AD password

This fix refers to printers hosted on the SIOPRINT server.  


For Windows 10 to Windows 7:

1. In the Start, type in "credentials", click on Credential Manager -> manage windows credentials. 

2. Click on sioprint or
3. Edit the password to reflect your new password.  
4. Restart your computer (this step is required for updating the password).  

Try printing again.  



For Mac OS 10.8 - 10.11

1. In Finder, navigate to the Applications -> Utilities folder.  Open Keychain Access

2. In the list of saved logins, search for the printer name, or sioprint or  

3. Right click (or ctrl + click) on the printer name or sioprint or, select Get info. 

4. In the Access Control tab, click the checkbox for show password, enter your computer password when prompted.  

5. Your old password will appear in the "Show Password" box.  Type your new password to replace the old one. Save changes. Close Keychain.  (repeat this step if you have more than one printer in the list)

6. Restart your computer.

Try printing again.  




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