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The web application is located here:   Space DB




Relies on AD Credentials after IT provides internal access.  New users send email to:

** Users can now "Sign in with Google" button but that requires a user account being already setup using AD, and user will have to log in with AD account the first time.   Subsequently user will be able to use the Google option but do select blue 'Allow' button the first time.   ( old version is not editable - for reference only )



The new Space web application has received a much-needed facelift and now includes a field "Assigned to per SIO Space Policy" which can be found under "Capital Planning", under the Building Views.

User Interface:  This new version is based on "Views " which double as "reporting" pages.  


    1. The Search/Filter option can be found in the right-hand side panel.  Depending on the view chosen in the main panel a red square will signify which Filter option you should select.  

    2. As of April 2016, a selected Filter will now be remembered after performing a SAVE.

    3. Users must add Allocations via Space edit pages. ( assignment/allocation/occupants autocomplete field items come straight from People DB + SIO Space Entities ) these fields are not free-form; values must be selected from the list.



 1)  Division Views: Division Spaces

Default display / Landing Page lists all Divisions. The list is ordered by Building and the Red Square on the Filter panel to the right requires user to select a Division.


2)  Building:  All Buildings | Room Use | Rooms List | Capital Planning  (These views will cancel Assignment/Allocation filter)  

  •  These options expect a Building to be selected in the Filter section.
  •  The "Capital Planning" option was designed for Cammie's needs.  

  *  The Assignment tab in the "old" version became "Allocated" in this new version.  


3)   Allocation Views: Allocated Sqft | Room Use per PI (Select PI from Sqft view) 

     • Building names are now (April 2016) editable by selecting:   Building: All Buildings 

     • Column: "Other Sqft" is a calculation ... it's a sum of allocated sqft's (space sqft * percentage allocated)      of all spaces except use codes 210, 211, 310, for each PI.

       Column: "SWC Sqft" (Sept. 2016)  is subtracted from Other Sqft.



Recent Updates and Comments: 

Fall 2016:

  • Please remember, data stewards need to remove inactive people from spaces.


Summer 2016:

  • New column in Allocations View, "SWC Sqft" is subtracted from column: "Other Sqft."
  • Signing in with Google (see below **)
  • Having problems adding people to a space ?  Try a "hard refresh" to edit page (Cmd + R).  A few users reported the same issue but a hard refresh usually fixes it.


Spring 2016:

  • The column headers are now sticky - meaning they will remain fixed as one scrolls down the page.
  • Added a "Room Use(s)" filter - the textbox takes a comma-separated list of Room Use Codes, e.g. 210,225.
  • it can "unofficially" take partial text like "RSCH LAB" (short description) or "Research Lab" (long description).




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