Printing for Mac Instructions

Instructions for Mac OS 10.8 and newer

  1. In Finder, click on the Go menu -> Connect to Server


  2. Enter smb:// for Server Address and connect


  3. When prompted to login, use your Active Directory login (the first part of your official email address before the @, e.g., same password you use for UCSD email)


  4. Select Printer Installers Mac, click OK


  5. Double click on the printer which matches your building name (e.g. HUBBS will be siohubbs4; refer to printer locations and names)

  6. You may be prompted to enter your computer's administrator password.  If you are not an administrator on your computer, please contact Scripps IT Help Desk for assistance.  

  7. Print a test page to the new printer
  8. Set the default printer in Printers & Scanners

If test page came out, then the printer is ready for use.  If the printer did not print your test page, try the following.  

  1. Open System Preferences, Printers & Scanners

  2. In the printer list on the left, select the printer you just printed to.  Click Open Print Queue...


  3. Look for the test page (it should say Hold for Authentication); Click the refresh button on the far right.  06.hold_for_authentication.png

  4. Enter your AD login, check the box for Remember this password..., click OK. 


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