Updating Leadership Content

Leadership information is displayed at several locations on the main Scripps Oceanography website:

  • The leadership page
  • The organizational chart PDF
  • Individual leader profiles
  • Research division pages

Leadership page

On the display end, the website uses a series of shortcodes to display the profiles tagged with certain key phrases:

Originally these were set by editing the individual profiles and checking the appropriate box under the Leadership section, but as of mid-2017 these are managed in People Database.

To update leadership on this page, go to People DB and select the Leadership tab at the top (If you don't have access to People DB you can submit a request to sioweb@ucsd.edu):

To list a new person in a leadership position, select the field for that position, delete the existing name, and start typing the name of the new person. The field will start autocompleting and offer you a choice of matching names. Pick the appropriate name for each position, scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the "Save" button. The change will propagate to the website.


NOTE: This only makes their profile photo, name, and leadership title display in the correct location. The leadership title must still be added to the profile as described in Individual Leader Profile below.

Individual Leader Profiles

Most of these information propagates from the People Database, but not all of the information is in there. For example, the actual leadership title as seen here...

...does have to be added by editing the individual's profile. The field is here:

Organizational chart

 The organizational chart is a PDF chart of Scripps leadership positions that is displayed in two locations:

  • The director's page
  • The right-hand menu under Leadership (in the About section menu)

The chart is created in LucidChart, an online app connected to our Google Documents services. The direct link to edit the document is https://www.lucidchart.com/documents/edit/1cd3696b-8391-4e51-8170-a9145703504d

Each box on the chart is a collection of editable fields. Click on a box once to get a ghostly overlay window; mouse over this window and click into any fields to edit the contents: Name, title, and photo.

X out of the window when done.

File > Save to save the changes, then File > Download as > PDF to download a PDF version of the document. There is a datestamp embedded into the document, but it helps to save the file with a datecode, such as VCMSLeadershipChart_20170803.pdf.

The first place this goes is into the Landing Page Content of the Welcome message page for the Director's Page.

  • Go to https://scripps.ucsd.edu/about/leadership/director/message and open it for editing
  • Scroll down to Downloads and "Add a new file" by browsing to the PDF you've just downloading.
  • After it uploads, right-click on the file name to save the URL, then uncheck the "display" box next to the name.
  • Scroll back up and select the Landing Page tab, where you'll scroll back down and right-click the "Scripps Organizational Chart" link and paste the new URL in place of the existing URL.
  • Save the page and confirm that the updated link is displaying at https://scripps.ucsd.edu/about/leadership/director

The second place is in the About navigation:

  • Open the menu for editing either through Structure > Menus or by clicking on the arrow at the top of the menu itself.
  • Click "List links" and find the line for the Organizational Chart. 
  • Click "Edit" and paste the same link to the PDF into this field:

  • Click "Save" and confirm that the link on the page has been updated.


Research division pages

The various research sections have chosen to display various amounts of leadership and contact information on their own pages, mostly their "Contact Us" pages. These are generally left to the individual sections to manage, since they are the most aware of their own personnel changes.

However, Web Operations was asked to display division director information in one location that most users cannot access, in a block which appears in a sidebar on each division's internal pages:

Each division has its own sidebar block, which can be accessed from either the Structure > Blocks page or by opening the block for editing directly from the sidebar. The text can then be easily updated:


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