Migrate from Existing Google Drive to UCSD Google Drive

This article provides the steps to migrate files from an existing Google Drive into UCSD Google Drive while preserving sharing and file format.  

Part I: Create Team Drive and Add Team Members

1. Login to Google Drive from your UCSD Google account, right click on Team Drives, create a new Team Drive



2. Browse into the new team drive, click add members


3. Add the non-UCSD Google accounts as a member, give Full Access for people who need to move their drive files into the Team Drive.  You can the access level later if needed.  


4. When adding a non-UCSD member to the team drive, you would be prompted to whether you want to share outside of the organization.  You must click continue in order to give editing or full access to non-UCSD members.  



Part II Moving Files into Team Drive

1. Login into Google Drive using the non-UCSD account which is the owner of the files.  

2. On the left side of Google Drive, expand the Team Drive section so you can see the specific Team Drive.

3. Under My Drive, browse to the files you would like to migrate, drag and drop files into team drive.



Limitations of Google Team Drive

  • A Team Drive can contain a maximum of 100,000 files and folders.
  • There is a limit for individuals and groups directly added as members: 600
  • A single Team Drive can nest up to 20 subfolders

See details on these limits on Google Team Drive. https://support.google.com/a/answer/7338880?vid=0-826839498107-1495643973807 

Important notes about the Drive migration.  

Note 1. Currently you cannot drag folders into Team Drive.  You can drag multiple files into folders already created in Team Drive.  If you are moving data from the former sio.ucsd.edu Google domain, contact the Scripps IT Help Desk to see if we can help move the folders in bulk.  

Note 2. You cannot drag and drop files you do not own.  Add the owner of the file as a member to your Team Drive and ask them to drop their files from their Google Drive into the Team Drive.


Ways to access the Google Team Drive.   

Use Team Drive from your computer’s file browser



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